Lightweight Ripstop Fabrics


Top fabrics is the brand owner and producer of Icarex ripstop polyester, Mirai ripstop nylon and Chikara ripstop nylon.

We specialize in lightweight ripstop Nylon and Polyester fabrics mostly used in the kite industry and in a growing number of other applications. Since our fabrics match the high demands of the kite industry, our fabrics are also used for many other applications such as air tubes, scenography, medical appliances, car covers, lightweight tarps and tents.

Each fabric has its own specific properties. If you are unsure which fabric will work for your application, do not hesitate to contact us, our salesteam is happy to help you.

We offer a wide range of different fabrics that can be delivered directly from stock. You can easily order directly through our webstore.

Our Fabrics

Logo of fabric (mirai

We believe that every application with its unique characteristics requires its own unique fabric. And in that respect Mirai, an economical 40D ripstop nylon, has got a great future. Mirai was introduced in 2005 as a basic ripstop nylon fabric for sport- and foil kites; kites that require a high quality fabric which is resistant to wear and tear, has good airtightness and which easily absorbs shocks.

Logo of fabric (chikara

This matches perfectly with the fabric's qualities and performance. Initially designed as a high-end fabric especially for the kite- and paraglider market, Chikara has been the leading ripstop spinnaker nylon ever since.
In the early days, Chikara was mainly deployed for high end kitesurf kites and paragliders.
Nowadays Chikara also is the fabric of choice in many other markets.

Logo of fabric (icarex

In the sport kite market, Icarex is the benchmark. Terefore Icarex is being used by all major sport kite manufacturers.
The strength and stability that Icarex offers, are extremely important for these high performance sport kites.
Icarex fabric, also referred to as PC-31 (Polycarbonate-31gram/yd2), contains the lightest constructions in kite fabrics.