Lightweight Ripstop Fabrics


Top fabrics is the brand owner and producer of Icarex ripstop polyester, Mirai ripstop nylon Chikara ripstop nylon and SkyPatch coated ripstop nylon.
In addition to ripstop fabrics, we sell other fabrics that are used in the kite industry. Fabrics like Tyvek®, Mylar and Dacron.

Beyond our renowned ripstop fabrics, we also offer a variety of materials crucial to the kite industry, including Tyvek®, Mylar, and Dacron.

Specializing in lightweight ripstop Nylon and Polyester fabrics primarily tailored for the kite industry, our products are increasingly finding utility in various other sectors. Due to their superior quality and performance, our fabrics are extensively utilized in applications such as air tubes, scenography, medical equipment, car covers, lightweight tarps, and tents.

Each fabric within our repertoire possesses unique characteristics suited to diverse needs. Should you require assistance in determining the ideal fabric for your specific application, our dedicated sales team stands ready to provide guidance and support.

With an extensive inventory readily available for direct shipment, ordering from us is seamless through our user-friendly webstore. Experience the convenience of sourcing premium fabrics directly from Top Fabrics.

Our Fabrics

Logo of fabric (icarex

In the sport kite industry, Icarex stands as the gold standard, utilized by all major manufacturers. The strength and stability it provides are vital for achieving optimal performance in high-performance sport kites.

Icarex fabric, also known as PC-31 (Polycarbonate-31gram/yd2), boasts the lightest construction among kite fabrics. 

Logo of fabric (skypatch
SkyPatch ripstop nylon

The name SkyPatch says it all; this fabric is extremely suitable for sport and foil kites. Due to the properties of this coated 40D ripstop nylon fabric, it is also an excellent choice for many other applications.

SkyPatch is designed as a ripstop nylon fabric for kite sports, where characteristics such as durability, porosity, and flexibility are essential. It is precisely these features that make SkyPatch an excellent choice for kite sports.

Logo of fabric (mirai

We firmly believe that each application, with its unique demands, warrants its own distinct fabric. In this regard, Mirai, an economical 40D ripstop nylon, holds promising potential. Introduced in 2005, Mirai was initially conceived as a fundamental ripstop nylon fabric for sport and foil kites—applications necessitating high-quality fabric that is resilient to wear and tear, boasts excellent airtightness, and readily absorbs shocks. 

Logo of fabric (chikara

This aligns perfectly with the fabric's inherent qualities and performance. Originally crafted as a premium fabric tailored for the kite and paraglider sector, Chikara has upheld its position as the premier ripstop spinnaker nylon ever since.

Initially, Chikara found prominence in high-end kitesurf kites and paragliders. Nowadays, it has expanded its reach into various other sectors, including the medical and outdoor industries, where stringent demands for consistent quality and durability prevail.

Logo of fabric (tyvek

Tyvek® may look like paper, but it behaves anything but paper

Tyvek® is a 100% synthetic material made from high-density polyethylene non-woven fibers. Lightweight, durable and breathable yet resistant to water, abrasion, bacterial penetration and abrasion, Tyvek® is a wondrous material used to enhance a variety of applications.

Logo of fabric (mylar

As a result, the material also has very little stretch in the diagonal.
Mylar is very suitable as a material for reinforcement, and the processing of Mylar also creates a dazzling and sparkling effect. Mylar is waterproof and windproof and also still almost transparent and therefore best suited for Kites- and / or sail construction of model sailboats.

Logo of fabric (dacron

Dacron is ideal material for reinforcing, for example, the nose of a kite or the sleeves for the kite rods.
It is also used in places where more wear can be expected, such as at the leading edge or at the level of your cross joint, for example, to avoid a wear point with the friction of the pole on the spinnaker cloth.

Non-adhesive black dacron is very good foldable and can be used for rod pockets.