High-end Double sided coated Ripstop Nylon

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SkyPatch double coated ripstop nylon 


  • inflatables, skydancers;
  • sport- and foil kites;
  • art objects;
  • apparel;
  • protection- and cover products;
  • medical devices.
  • Material: Nylon
  • Type of nylon: 40 Denrnier
  • Coating: Double sided polyurethane
  • Weight: 51 (g / m2)
  • Roll Width: 1.49 (m)
  • Warp Tensile Strength: 300 N / 5 cm above
  • Weft Tear Strength: 260 N / 5 cm above
  • Warp Tear Strength: 35 N above
  • Weft Tear Strength: 30 N above
  • JDC: 600 seconds above

Weighing in at 51 grams per square meter, SkyPatch achieves an ideal equilibrium between durability, dependability, and weight. This renders SkyPatch well-suited for many applications where weight is not the primary consideration.

Air permeability refers to a fabric's capacity to permit air to flow through it. SkyPatch boasts an impressively low air permeability rate of 0.04 cc per cm² per second*, indicating its exceptional airtightness. This attribute is crucial for kite manufacturing, ensuring optimal performance in various conditions. *The air permeability measurement quantifies the volume of air passing through a surface unit within a specified time frame. This value is determined under a pressure differential of 1 atmosphere, considering a specific fabric thickness.

SkyPatch offers slightly greater stretchability compared to fabrics like Chikara and Icarex. This characteristic facilitates easy deployment of SkyPatch, allowing it to conform to various product designs while maintaining a natural and smooth appearance. Careful measures have been implemented to prevent excessive stretching, ensuring that products made with SkyPatch retain their shape over extended periods.

SkyPatch boasts exceptional tear strength, making it an incredibly robust fabric that resists wear and tear. This durability ensures that Skypatch maintains its performance over an extended period, ensuring longevity and consistent quality throughout its lifespan.

Many nylon fabrics are attacked by ultraviolet radiation and may crack or disintegrate if they are not UV-stable. This is a problem known as UV degradation, and is common in products exposed to sunlight. SkyPatch has good UV resistance. 

SkyPatch is coated with polyurethane (PU) on both sides, providing an extremely smooth pleasant and soft texture. This facilitates very easy handling of the fabric and allows it to conform to various product designs while maintaining a natural and smooth appearance. The coating enhances the fabric's aging resistance, ensuring it retains a nice and smooth look even after prolonged use. SkyPatch also maintains its shape, color, and features effectively, guaranteeing sustained performance over an extended period.