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When you need a some extra reinforcement Dacron is the best option. Dacron is ideal material for reinforcing, for example, the kite nose and the sleeves of the kite rods.
It is also used in places where more wear can be expected, such as at the leading edge or at the level of your cross joint, for example, to avoid a wear point with the friction of the pole on the spinnaker cloth.

Sold per linear meter (width 144 cm) The dacron is delivered to us on rolls, so that we can easily supply it in the length you require. Sold by the metre, if you order multiple quantities they will be delivered to you in one piece. Example, you order 4 meters, you have a strip in one piece of 4 meters.

Description: Non-adhesive black dacron available in a width of 144 cm wide in black color sold by the linear meter. Weight: 170 gr/m2


  • Reinforcement of kite nose
  • Reinforcement of sleeves
  • Reinforcement of areas subject to wear