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Mirai is the Japanese word for Future

We believe that every application with its unique characteristics requires its own unique fabric. And in that respect Mirai, an economical 40D ripstop nylon, has got a great future. Mirai was introduced in 2005 as a basic ripstop nylon fabric for sport- and foil kites; kites that require a high quality fabric which is resistant to wear and tear, has good airtightness and which easily absorbs shocks. And exactly those features make Mirai an excellent fabric for a much wider range of applications, among which inflatable objects, skydancers, art objects, apparel, protection- and cover products as well as a range of medical devices.

With a weight of 48 gram/m² Mirai may be the fabric of choice for all those applications where reliability and durability are key while minimum weight and the very best airtightness values are not of the utmost importance.

The fabric is polyurethane (PU) coated on one side while both sides of the fabric have got a water-repellent coating. Due to this PU coating, Mirai has a nice and soft feel, which makes it easy to deploy the fabric and which will make any designed product shape and look natural and smooth. Besides this soft PU coating adds to the excellent aging characteristics of the fabric; even after intense use it will look nice and smooth, retain its shape and characteristics very well and thus guarantee undiminished performance over time.

Mirai– an outstanding, durable fabric with an unmatched price/performance ratio and all-round usability for all those applications where high performance, durability and light weight are important.


  • inflatables, skydancers;
  • sport- and foil kites;
  • art objects;
  • apparel;
  • protection- and cover products;
  • medical devices.

Light Weight
Breaking strenght
UV Resistant
Water Repellent
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With a weight of 48 grams per square meter, Mirai strikes a perfect balance between durability, reliability and weight. This makes Mirai suitable for kites and/or applications where weight is not the most important aspect.

Air permeability is the ability of a fabric to allow air to pass through it. For Mirai, it is 0,1 cc per cm² per second*, which is considerably low. This means that the fabric is airtight, a feature that is vital for the production of kites. *The air permeability figure indicates the volume of air per surface unit in a certain amount of time. The value is measured at a pressure difference of 1 atmosphere given a certain thickness of the fabric.

Mirai has a little more stretch ability than our other fabrics, Chikara and Icarex. Due to this, Mirai is easy to deploy and will create any designed product shape whilst looking natural and smooth. Precautions have been taken to ensure that the fabric does not have too much stretch to make sure that products made with Mirai will retain their shape for long periods of time.

Mirai has a very high tear strength. This makes it an incredibly durable fabric, meaning that it is resistant to wear and tear. This also guarantees that Mirai will last for a long period of time, during which its performance will also remain undiminished.

Many nylon fabrics are attacked by ultraviolet radiation and may crack or disintegrate if they are not UV-stable. This is a problem known as UV degradation, and is common in products exposed to sunlight. Mirai has good UV resistance. This can be seen through the many kites that have been created using Mirai, all of which have shown little or no signs of UV degradation.

Mirai fabric is polyurethane (PU) coated on one side, which gives it a nice and soft feel. This makes it easy to deploy the fabric and gives it the ability to be used to make any designed product shape, whilst looking natural and smooth. The coating also adds to the excellent ageing characteristics of the fabric – even after intense use it will still look nice and smooth. Mirai also retains its shape, colour and features very well, guaranteeing undiminished performance for a long period of time.